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Three Weddings and a FamilyOn the road to happily-ever-after, a long-lost family is found!MAKE BELIEVE MATRIMONY…They were married…and still almost complete strangers. Gabriel Dillard and Jessica Landers had struck a dry-eyed deal to wed in name only, for Gabe needed a wife to be eligible for a lucrative job and Jessica needed a daddy for her adorable little girl.OF LIFETIME OF HONEYMOON BLISS?But sharing such tiny quarters with all six feet of georgeous Gabe was making Jessica feel that their marriage would be anything but platonic. Especially when Gabe's friendly pecks turned into heart-stopping kisses, and Jessica could no longer deny the feelings he stirred in her…. Linda Varner has arrived! Here's her 20th Silhouette Romance for your enjoyment. Savor every romantic moment! 20th BOOK SILHOUETTE ROMANCE

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